Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Paper Crisis Overted (For Now)

I found out last night that everyone in class had crappy papers. We have one more week.

(Insert sigh of relief here)

In a fit of anxiety yesterday (and insead of working on the paper- explain that to me) I decided what I wanted to work on, knitting wise.

I saw Foxfire Fiber and Designs' Terrazzo sweater at one fiber show or another a few years ago. I instantly loved it. They only had it available in kits. All of the kits contained mohair. Since I'm allergic to mohair, there's no way that would work for me.
At Mass sheep and wool earlier this year I got the pattern, no kit. YAY!
I have no idea why I wanted to start this sweater now, but I did. I want it to look great so I swatched.

(Hey, see my wedding ring? I'm losing so much weight that it spins on my finger!)

I have bigger gauge than called for. Not surprising since I'm not using the yarn suggested. But the project is still a go. It may be a bit big in the end, but the yarn is 100% wool and I can shrink it easily enough.

I casted on this morning while The Boy was watching his 100th Thomas and Friends show of the morning.

I should mention that it's designed by Lisa Lloyd. Her designs are always nice. Nothing flashy, nothing wacky. I like that.

It feels good to have this thing on the needles.

Oh, and my kid is now sleeping in a big boy bed. No more crib. (I heard that gasp, Annika.) Yes, he has slept in a crib all this time. I'm sure that makes me a horrible mom keeping my 3 year old in a crib. lol We want to start potty training, but thought this would be a good step to Big Boy-Hood.


Anonymous Annika said...

I didn't gasp at all! I am just impressed that he still fit into his crib.

5:02 PM  

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