Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the comments and insight from the last post. Some decisions have been made regarding the money. It wasn't a signifigant amount, but I felt strongly against sending money to the wrong place. I had a long conversation via telephone to the person in question. He promised me that it would go towards necessities and not anything harmful. I felt a bit like I was scolding him, but I think he'll be happy to get the money and will (hopefully) do good things with it.

Next year, we're doing something different. lol
So, on to what I've been doing lately.

I finished a bunch of knitting. A hat, for my cousin. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I didn't get it done in time. Since he has no idea that I was making it for him, I think I'm just going to surprise him and mail it.
The pooling just happened that way. I'm not crazy about it, but my cousin will like it, I think.

I did an adorable dress for Schaefer Yarn. Makes me want to have a girl...
I need to attach the flower still, but otherwise- it's done.

I spun a bunch, but I don't have photos because I did the spinning at night. And now everything is plied, set and drying. Photos of that soon. I think I have enough to make something wearable.

And I still haven't finished Terrazzo, but I have this to show:
We won't speak of this ever again.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Tomorrow I hope to do my year end wrap up. I took a bunch of time off in 2008, but I still got a lot done. 2008 was a great year for us and I'm really looking forward to what 2009 brings!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dress makes me want to have a girl, too. So adorable.

I felt your pain when I looked at that pile of yarn. It's best not to talk about it!

Happy New Year!

2:52 PM  

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