Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rough Weather

Friday we got some rough weather. I knew we were in for some heavy stuff when I turned on my TV at 5:30 am that morning and the weather guy is PUMPED for the afternoon. lol
Anyways, we got a lot of thunder, wind and dime to nickel sized hail. We lost power for about 4 hours, long enough to be bored out of our skulls.
The Boy was awoken from his nap during the storm. He asked what the music was, and that was when I noticed the hail was getting larger, hitting the glass of the windows and making high pitch pinging sounds. Music. To me, that means get into a room without windows. lol

We sat in our interior half bath for about 10 minutes, playing flashlight games and calming each other down. We left the room when the rain had backed off considerably.
The neighbor down the road lost 2 trees, one of which spread across most of the road. This is what it looked like after someone moved it out of the road and onto their grass.
What a mess.

We still have streets that are closed and although we have our power back, some in town are still without.

An F1 tornado was confirmed 2 towns over, associated with this same storm.
Ah, summer.
I'm still knitting on the socks for the AIDS charity. That's my take along knitting. I started Buttercup (Rav link) Friday. Lovely, but I think it's going to be big on the top, too small on the bottom. The wonders of a pregnant woman's body. Anyways, Rebecca knit it and it looked so pretty on her. I thought since it's A-line that I could make it work. But, due to the fact that I have zero patience for knitting swatches or any sort of test knitting at all these days, I just cast on and went with it.

It may be wonderful, it may make me cry when I first try it on. We'll see.
Ohh! I also have a beautiful new nephew to welcome into the world. His name is Aiden and I got to meet and hold him on Saturday. Hehee, my baby brother is a dad. Wholly crap. Maybe I'll post photos when I get some (bad auntie. I totally forgot to grab my camera as I headed to the hospital the other day.)


Blogger Carole Knits said...

That storm sounds intense. I'm glad you guys didn't sustain any damage.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Eklectika! said...

Glad your house is still standing - what a mess up there. It's kinda weird seeing reports that pretty much echo the same interviews from back in 1989 or 1990 or whenever the Hamden tornado was.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Welcome to Aiden! May you all have many fun times together. Just stay out of such storms, k?

5:26 PM  

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