Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Got a Body!

Wow! I should knit under pressure more often. This morning (6:00 am...yuck), after a week of knitting, I was binding this bad boy off!

I did fewer decreases (also started them later than the pattern called for) and more increases. Post pregnancy, many-cookies-body isn't pretty...I think I've mentioned that before. :)
The bottom edging is pretty, but I think it may curl over time. I did the fancy-pants bind off that Rebecca showed more for more give. (After every 3 bound off stitches (keeping in mind that you could do it for every number of stitches...3 just gave me enough stretch for me), do a yarn over, treat it like a normal bound off stitch, then repeat the bind off 3, yo, bind off for the whole thing.)

It fits great. I'm pumped to get moving on the sleeves, but...I thought I had size 6 dpn's but I don't. So I guess I'm running to town tonight to get them somewhere...(good luck on that one).

In the meantime I'm going to start the neck edging with size 4 wooden. I had been using my Denise needles, which tend to be a bit easier on my wrist. The wooden one grabs the yarn and I think it makes me work at the knitting more.

That said, my wrist is tingling again. No idea if it's from the cortisone shot wearing off, too much knitting or what. After the Olympics I have a feeling that a break is going to be needed.


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