Friday, June 04, 2010


There's quite a few new babies coming into the world over the next few months. 3 friends and my cousin's wife are expecting and I feel the need to knit for them all. This garter stitch blanket took me over a week to do. I should have done my usual sweater, which takes 3 days at the most.
I'm also working on a scarf for The Boy's teacher. Unfortunately, the more that I pay attention to the colors that she wears, the more I think that this thing isn't going to work at all.

She wears mostly pastels. Dark blue? Not a pastel. Also? I hate knitting scarves, never mind doing so on size 4's. Ooof.

Better go check that stash for a skein in a pastel. School ends on the 18th. And more babies are coming soon!


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