Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 things you like about where you live:

Let me just say that I live pretty much in my dream home, give or take a thing or two. We moved here two years ago and have settled in so nicely.

1. My neighbors. I remember driving by the houses in my neighborhood and asking myself, "What will I possibly have in common with these women?" Well, I have plenty. Hubs and I may be the youngest homeowners on the block, but that just means we have people who are willing to help us along the way. I have asked my neighbors for advice on everything from kids to pediatricians. I know that The Boy could go to any house on the block and they'd know him, how to get a hold of me and that he's completely safe there. I love my neighbors. They are part of what makes living here so special.

2. Seclusion. During this time of year you can't see any other houses. You see green out of each and every window. I don't have blinds on most windows and the ones I do have I only use in the winter.

3. Change of seasons. Regardless of whether it's summer or winter or something in between, the trees around my house are magic.

4. Safety. In my old house I never felt safe. Part of it was natural anxieties that I deal with, but most of it was the fact that I just didn't feel safe. No so here. I have slept soundly in my bed with my sliders open- not unlocked, but wide open.

5. The wildlife. Turkeys, deer, bugs galore, lizards, turtles, a tortoise, frogs, ducks, pheasants, fox, rattlesnakes, mice, bats, birds and chipmunks are just an example of the wildlife I've seen in my backyard. I can't imagine what I don't see.

6. Room to grow. We couldn't have had The Baby without the extra room. We would have been able to pull it off in the old house, but why try? Extra room means more to clean, but when you love every room, no need to complain.

7. My library. Hubs built it last year. It's still unfurnished, but has plenty of books. It's gorgeous and I swear that I just breathe differently in that room.

8. Same goes for the bedroom. My master bedroom is huge. I love it. I would love to have a professional decorator come in and change it up a bit...maybe someday.

9. The town. When we moved here it was a one light town. Now, there's 3. I feel cheated (haha). Honestly, I love this town. The schools are great, the people are friendly. So I don't have a Walmart near me. I don't see myself living anywhere else.



Blogger Yarnhog said...

That sounds like the kind of place I fantasize about. I love where I live, too (San Diego), but I always think I'd love to live in a smaller, calmer sort of place.

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