Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Central Park Hoodie- Done!

I started a CPH a couple weeks ago. Jenn and I emailed each other back and forth, she was interested in making it- I had the pattern. It's a sweater that I wanted for awhile, but never started.
Well, once I started, I couldn't stop- including seaming in 90+ degree heat.
The sweater fits, except across the belly. I'm hoping that nature will take care of that in...oh, 6 weeks.
Yes, in 6 weeks I'm having a scheduled c-section. And my tubes tied...tightly, haha.
I look forward to living the rest of my life knowing that I will never, ever have to bear children ever again. I'm HORRIBLE, I know- but I can not do this again. I want Hubs to get lasered, just for the hell of it (hey, if I can go through 9 months of hell, then delivery, he should get his fair share, right?) and to double the re-assurance.
I have to figure out my next project. I bought a ton of yarn at Webs a few weeks ago and I know I have to start Christmas knitting soon. There's also a few babies being born to friends and I want them to have something special. :)