Friday, May 30, 2008

Up For Sale!

The papers are signed. My house is up for sale. We're asking 239,000. It seems like an obnoxious amount of money, but now that I've seen the comparison report, I know we can get it. There's another house in our neighborhood for sale with 200 less feet of space, no eat in kitchen, no 3-season porch and an old bathroom for only 10K less.

Cleaning was a bitch. It was a mad dash to the finish. But it's done (really done...there's not a closet with all our junk in it anywhere) and the house looks fantastic!

My wrist feels so much better too. The swelling had gone down, but came back up last yesterday afternoon. I had been doing too much and I knew it. This morning it feels fine to bend it down, but to pull the fingers back hurts still. I'm encouraged though.

I've been meme'd repeatedly, so here it goes:

1.) What was I doing ten years ago? I was 24, living with a roommate. I was taking a year off from dating. I had just ended a relationship with Frank (there was a post about him a few weeks back.) Happy for the most part...from what I can remember. I was probably working 6 days a week at the photo lab.

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
Get some fresh air. Go grocery shopping. Put The Boy down for a nap. Empty out the front closet completely (there's still some coats in there). And spend some time either knitting or spinning!

3) Snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, ice cream (Oreo), and honestly, there's never been a snack that I've refused.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Hello, big McMansion! I'd move my family into a big fat house. With an ocean view. And a large plot of land. (Oh, what the hell- I'll buy 3!) Seriously, I'd never wash any type of laundry ever again. Not even joking. I'd make sure that The Boy's education was top notch. I'd surprise the knitting girls with a trip to WEBS so that they can pick out whatever they wanted.

5) Places I have lived: CT, PA, NH

6) Jobs I have had: Photo Lab Technician, mail opener and sorter, office manager, receptionist, Mommy.

Thanks Jenn, Acornbud's yarns, and Sophanne.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sometimes I Like Surprises.

Last night I was couching. I should have been at SnB, but since my wrist felt like it was going to fall off and Hubs had a hockey game (grr), I made the decision to stay home. At one point Rebecca called me and I explained what happened. It seemed like they were having fun, even trekking to Ashley's without me.

I put Jack down and started to flip between the Yankees game and Supernanny. I heard people walking up to my door. The doorbell rang. WTF? Who's ringing my doorbell after 9 at night??

It was Jenn and Rebecca. They brought SnB to me! And ice cream- chocolate Reese's with chocolate sprinkles. Oh, how I love these women! They stayed and chatted with me. It kept my mind off the wrist, which was perfect. Most of all, I was thankful that I had picked up most of The Boy's toys and had clothes on.

Sometimes, surprises are awesome!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cortizone Shots Do Not Tickle.

I saw the wrist doctor once again today. I had to get the cortizone shot. I guess they mix it with Novacaine....why? No idea. Anyways, it's done. My hand and fingers feel prickly and numb. My wrist is slightly swollen. He gave me good news- the nerve test came back normal, which means no surgery. I can knit again when the numbness goes away, hopefully as soon as this afternoon.

See the dot?? Ew. Below it a couple of inches is where it's swollen, along with an area to right of that.

I started knitting a pretty scarf for Dave's great aunt Mildred. She was kind enough to send The Boy a couple of small gifts. I enjoy her company when she comes to CT to visit. She always sends cards or photos of her home, along with a note of stories from her ranch or words of encouragement. I had no idea what someone in Missouri would need in the way of knitted items, so I'm making a very open-lace scarf.

I'm also spinning, setting aside just 10 minutes each afternoon to do it. I don't get a whole lot done during that time, but I think it helps to quiet the chatter in my head.

I'm ready to be finished with the pink. Just sayin'.

And tomorrow is a big, big day. We are finally signing papers to put the house on the market. Wish us luck.

(Know anyone who wants to buy a really cute 3 bedroom, one bath ranch?)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I received exactly one birthday gift on my actual birthday this year*. Hubs came home pretty proud of himself on Friday, with these in a pretty box:
I love sapphires. Truly, madly, deeply. It might have been only one gift, but it made me feel like a million bucks.
Well done, Hubs.
(*Blogless Irish Ann bought me a wonderful bar of chocolate and the knitter girls bought me cakes- but those weren't on my birthday.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today is Rebecca's birthday. Go say Happy Birthday to her. I'll wait....

Yesterday was Mass Sheep and Wool Fest. I saw many of my favorite bloggers and had moments of shyness. I actually stalked one for about an hour or so (and almost Kinneared her and went home) before getting up the nerve to say hi. (How come Carole doesn't tell anyone A- how beautiful she is and B- how her laugh makes everyone else in the group laugh or C- her shawl is even more stunning in person or D- once you start to talk to her, you want to sit and gab for an hour. She doesn't tell anyone any of these things, but they are all true.) I really wasn't myself or I would have walked up to any of them and chatted them up. Sigh. Just was not feeling myself.

I bought a couple of small things. In all honesty, I had trouble spending the cash that I had. I was a bit impatient, a bit crampy and a lot tired. I found little that made me, "Ooooh!"...if you know what I mean. I wanted to find 9 inch circs. They were everywhere in Maryland (but when I went to purchase them they were gone), and I couldn't find them in Mass.

Anyways, I bought they obligatory skein of Foxhill Farms Cormo laceweight- only 1.6 ounces to conserve cash this time around. I can't wait to work with this stuff. I think I've decided to make an aran sweater out of it, but that could change. I'm open to suggestions.

I bought my first skein of Spunky Eclectic lace. I think I might be in love. Alice literally skipped to her booth and we went back repeatedly throughout the day. I can see why. Beautiful stuff, that Spunky has.

I also bought a copy of Foxfire's Terrazzo jacket pattern. Three things. Yeah, that's it. Pretty lame, I know.

But then we stopped at Webs on the way home. Oh, Lord. It was (blogless) Irish Ann's first time going. I wish I took a photo of her face when I showed her the back warehouse. Heehee.

I bought a sweaters worth of Berrocco Comfort. ON SALE!

Craptastic photo, sorry! The sun was going down as I rushed to take these.
And a Juliet sweater's worth of Valley Yarn's Sugarloaf:

And these jumped into my cart:

Who can guess what I'll be attempting?? Anyone?? If you know me, you'll know what I've been bitching about not having! (If I had a prize, I'd offer it up as a contest. But the stash is in the basement and not coming back up for anyone.)

And the birthday was fantastic! Thanks to all who sent wishes to me. I love saying that I'm 34 now. And that I'm older than Hubs (only by 5 months, but it's a fun 5 months!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Birth Day!

Not only is today my birthday, but it's also the Birth Day of my dear friend Jeannine's baby boy, Jonathan.

Welcome to the world, little buddy.

I can't wait to spoil the hell out of you!

More later...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Breeze Silk Blouse...An Oops.

This is the beginning of the Spring Breeze Silk Blouse from Kiparro Farm in Maryland.

The pattern is wrong. I tried repeatedly to get past row 1 with no avail.

I called Kiparro Farm.

Long story short, this is how the pattern is supposed to be written:

Row 1 (right side): K1, *(K2tog 3 times), (yo, K1 6 times), (K2tog 3 times)* repeat from * to * until last stitch, K1.

Row 2: Knit (Wrong side. Causes ridges to show on front of work)

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Purl

As it's written now, you end up decreasing 3 stitches every row, which is obviously wrong. I haven't gotten further than a few inches so I can't say whether the rest of the pattern is a mess or not. I have a sinking suspicion that I'll have more problems eventually with this one.

I was told that the stitch pattern is a variation of feather and fan. I was able to google the instructions and that helped immensely.

Let me know if this ever helps anyone. :)

And thank you everyone once again for your support. I can only hope that all of you know how much you mean to me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Knew It.

It's atleast one fibroid and a cyst on my ovary.

Trying to stay calm and upbeat.

I go back in two weeks for a "procedure." Basically they put a camera up there and have a look. The good news is I get to send The Boy to Grandma's house and take a Valium. Bad news is I have to make Hubs skip work to sit in the doctor's office while I have a camera shoved up my hoo-ha. And the fact that the appointment will probably have to be pushed back because I'll have my period again.

At least I'm not overly worried about my fertility, although Hubs has some concerns.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bad Housewife, No Bon-Bons.

Yesterday we "deep cleaned" our living room. Like most families, we do a lot in this room- eat, nap, watch too much TV, and play. I generally knit and spin in here too. It is a room that gets neglected easily, but for the most part the packing and cleaning was easy. But I dreaded one thing more than anything else in this room- cleaning under the sectional.
This is what I found waiting for me after moving the couches: 3 years of not cleaning makes it look like a toy and dust bunny bomb went off under there. Disgusting. Atleast there were no spiders. *Shutter*
For your enjoyment, I added notes via Flickr as seen here. Feel free to leave a comment of snickers and laughter. Or sympathy.
I have no excuse why I didn't clean sooner, other than pure laziness and the inability to move the couches on my own. Oh, that and knitting.

It's clean now. The floor is all shiny. It's toy and dust bunny free.

Someone better buy this effing house and quickly too. I'm so done.
Oh! And it's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!
And as a PS- thanks for the words of encouragement. No word yet from the drs. office, but I'll keep you all up to date. The hardest part of the visit was when she wouldn't look at me. I really wasn't freaked until then. She's the same tech that has worked there for years. She did all of my ultrasounds with The Boy and was very chatty and happy before we started. The change in the room was obvious, whether she intended to or not. Perhaps she wasn't feeling well and it progressed as she did her work or maybe she was tired. But it kinda felt like being on an airplane- I always watch the flight attendants to see their reaction to turbulence and this time it seemed like I was going down fast.
In any case, thanks for the comfort. I'll let you know when something more happens.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Is It Bad?

Is it bad that you go into a OBGYN's office for an ultrasound and when the tech is finished, she doesn't look at you? She tells you that she's done and that you can get dressed, fiddles with her machine a bit but doesn't look you in the eye. As you're getting dressed, trying not to pick apart every movement she did, or the beeps of the ultrasound machine working, trying so hard not to obsess about the entire situation as you pull on your jeans, only to open the door of the bathroom and say goodbye. She says good bye back, but doesn't look up from her notes, doesn't return the "Have a nice day" you mumbled to her.

I've known for months that something was up and I did nothing about it. Now that I did, I'm even more petrified.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now I'm Really Wigging Out.

Today I packed my beloved knitting book collection. We are trying to make the rooms seem as big as we can and the crappy $19.97 bookcase has got to go. The bottom box is books and to top box is Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting magazines. This is what the shelf looks like now:

I'm keeping myself busy, other than cleaning. I started a baby sweater for my friend Jeannine. Her baby is due on the 27th (so close to my birthday- the 23rd.)

Baby sleeve. Cute!

Body of the sweater. It's long, but that's ok.

And to stop myself from going completely car-azy, I'm spinning.

I have to go wrangle The Boy into the bath now.

What's making you wig out?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Panic Attack

Stash closet late last year. Trust me when I say that there was no empty cubbies before packing yesterday.

In effort to make my house not look like a crap hole to prospective buyers, I made the decision to pack up my stash closet. I figured I could move my shoes and some of the junk in the coat/cold weather gear/cleaning equipment closet over to the now barren- former stash closet. It shouldn't be that overwhelming, but it's causing my heart to pound and maybe some slight hyperventilation whenever I think if it.

One of 4 big bags of yarn. *Sigh*

I'm alternating between panic attacks, the claws of depression and a driving need to clean, not to mention the desire to eat my weight in ice cream. (Emotional eater? Who me??)

Former stash closet, now temporary shoe closet. It's not finished yet.

I asked Hubs to pack off of his beer and his video games- his two "hobbies" and he said no. It's going to be a long summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Algebra's A, Again.

I got my final grade for this semester's algebra class.



It wasn't a cake walk. I worked hard for the grade. But I also did some goofing off. I swear that I wouldn't have done so good without my partner's guidance and help.

As we left Friday night, walking in the rain to our cars, we said goodbye. He promised me that it wouldn't be the last time that we'd see each other. He promised me that he wouldn't leave CT for good without saying good bye.

He hugged me and I said my thanks- for the honest conversations, the acceptance of real me, and for the help throughout the semester.

Again I reiterate, I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Payment Received.

Today a big box of yarn came from Schaefer, as payment for the vest. I actually did a happy dance while the mailman hopped out of his truck and trudged through the rain to give the parcel to me. (I would have walked to his truck but I was A) barefoot B) keeping The Boy in the house and C) it was raining very hard.)
Because of the rain the yarn doesn't look nearly as pretty in my craptastic photos as it does in the stash closet. Here's photos anyways!
Schaefer Andrea, 100% Silk. There's over a whopping 1000 yards! Yay!
(Here's the real awful photo. Sorry, Schaefer!)
This is Miss Priss in Georgia O'Keefe. Sweet pastels. Can't wait to knit with it.
And as a surprise, they threw in not one, but 2 skeins of Helene, their silk/merino wool blend. This stuff is super soft.
They also sent a couple of skeins for me to play with. I've had a design for a shawl in my head for months. I think it's going to end up being a scarf, perfect for the fall or early winter. I might even make a matching hat, if I have the yardage available.
Not much else is going on. My final algebra class is tonight. I'm giddy and relieved. I'm a bit sad too. I'm afraid that it's the last time I'll ever see my algebra partner, someone who I've become unlikely friends with. I see alot of myself reflected in him. It's like staring at yourself from 10 years ago. Creepy, but powerful. I've grown alot and he still has some to do. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Procrastination, My Middle Name.

The house is going up on the market in one week. We have just 7 days to make this hovel...I mean house, into something respectable.

So, why am I sitting here at the computer- reading blogs, checking Ravelry forums for anything new, and not cleaning? Any ideas?

I have no clue either.

Hey- anyone see the Tom Cruise/Oprah interview? I have it DVR'ed, but haven't had 2 seconds to watch it child-free. Opinions?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Maryland, How I Love Thee.

Like most people, I'm recovering from Maryland Sheep and Wool, 2008.

I spent alot of money, buying goodies for me and friends.

I'm linking my Flickr page. I made a fancy mosaic and it's just easier for me. Let me know if you have any questions.

I wish I brought more money. Next year I'll have to sell some stuff through my mother or something. I found Brooks Farms on Sunday and I'm smitten. Not the cheapest yarn in the world, but it's yummy! I didn't buy any because I was running out of cash fast. Ditto with the Gale's Art handpainted roving. I wished that I had purchased all that she had left. And Kiperoo Farms. I will definately buy from them again!

There were people that I wished that I saw, but couldn't manage to find. (Next year I'm totally asking for cell numbers and meeting up with people.) I avoided the Ravelry party and meet ups, I just couldn't take the mass hysteria.

Alice and Nell were fantastic roommates. They were quiet and polite. I kinda felt like a nervous trucker in a china shop, with my chatter and foul mouthed language. lol

They allowed me to show parts of the crazy side of myself, even handled my issues with grace and humor. I adore them for that.

And an update on my wrist: I went to the doctors today and as of right now- YAY! I don't need surgery. I have to go back on the 15th for a nerve test and xrays. He's pretty sure that it's carpal tunnel, but thinks that a cortisone shot will take care of everything. He told me to keep wearing the brace, go easy on the knitting and take advil for the discomfort. Duh. I've been doing that. :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Hate My Camera

My camera couldn't take a clear photo to save its life. Awful. It's getting old, I know....but c'mon.
I promised a photo of me wearing the red sweater and here it is. Sorry that there's no boat in this photo. (I also seem to be lacking a head.)

Still working the spinning wheel. This is a Grafton Fibers batt. And yes, it is as bright pink as the photo shows. (A neighbor came over to ask what I was doing and The Boy pointed to the wheel and said, "Wheel, wheel." Said in a tone like, "You dingbat- it's a spinning wheel!" Very funny.)

This is the first time that I'm seriously working from dyed roving and I have to admit, there is a noticeable difference. The BFL literally melted out of my fingers. With this, I can feel (maybe a) stickiness...not stickiness, but more of a not natural wool feeling. Maybe it's my imagination. Maybe it's my wheel being cranky.

Today is a busy day. I have an algebra exam at 5, 2 homework assignments due at 7 pm and packing to do for 3 people. Of this, I've only packed my suitcase so far. Is that any indication of where my head is at? Probably. This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool, a hockey tourney for Hubs and The Boy is going to Grammie and Papa's house.

Please don't rob us while we're gone.