Thursday, November 30, 2006


I should also apologize- I can't post replies on other blogger accounts. I guess when you switch over to beta, it won't let you comment on non-beta accounts.

So, everyone with blogger- I'm sorry. I'm going to your sites, I swear! lol

Days 1-3...Progress.

From left to right- days 1-3.

Getting better, atleast I think. I'm still getting "the curlies" and I don't know why.

Besides that, I'm truckin' right along.

Go me.

Yesterday at school we got our Earth Science mid-terms back. Not only did I get a 92.5, but I got the highest grade in the class and the only A. For a long time I was very intimidated by learning and school.

But I guess I kick a$$ after all.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My new Fricke wheel.

It spins beautifully. It's shiny and new and sings. I love it. Maybe I still have a bit of beginner's blinding love (and I'm sure it will pass after getting really frustrated at it....which I'm sure will happen soon.) But I do love it.
This is the offical first yarn. It's sad, disgusting, unusable, thick, thin and everything inbetween.

But, you know what?

I adore it.

I can not wait to get better at this art. I'm having issues with too much spin on the yarn, and not enough take up, like I spin too fast for the bobbin or something. I dunno. Practice, practice, practice.

I went to bed last night and all I could think about was the hummmmm of the wheel, the way my fingers tingled, imagining the treadling.....heel toe heel toe....

I've been bitten.


**Special thanks to the guys at Twist of Fate Spinnery. They got me the wheel, put the baby together, taught me to spin, laughed with me at my mistakes and were very, very patient with me. I highly recommend them- the roving they gave me is soft, the customer service was great... thanks Jeremiah and Rick.**

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's HERE!!!

And it's awesome.

My fingers feel tingly.

More later...I promise photos soon, like tomorrow. I'm tired after a long day of chasing my kid and a friend's kid around.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Now that the smoke from all the birthday candles has cleared and I have a few days off in a row from school, I can actually knit!

I finished mittens for Hub's brother. Believe it or not, these might be too small for him. That's my hand on one of them. Hubs is the "runt" of his family at 6'2". No, I'm not joking. His brother is about 6'5" or 6'6".

And I started another Forest Canopy Shawl.

It's a present, not sure who it's for yet.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day. It's the one day of the year I refuse to feel guilty about eating too much.

No sign of the spinning wheel, for those who ask. Fricke better be making me the best wheel ever.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Baby Is One.

I keep remembering back to last year, when I was so sick, so huge, so scared.

He's been the light of my life ever since he came into this world.

Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy, Jack Henry.

Friday, November 17, 2006

My Washing Machine Is Broken.

I'm going to curl up in the corner and cry.

Or knit.

(Why waste tears when Christmas is right around the corner??)

Thursday, November 16, 2006



I'm almost done with a mitten! It's for Hubs' brother, Andy. This kid has some big hands.

And a shawl, that will never be finished because I'm running out of yarn and it's too much of a hassle to find more. So, it will be a scarf.
Or frogged.

More later, including a secret stash addition!

*I'm sorry for the super crappy photos lately. It's been raining daily here for weeks, or so it seems. Atleast it's not snow...yet.*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

History Has Been Made.

I've finished my 10 page history paper. It's 15 pages, with the photos and works cited page.

I'm going to go and drool on my pillow now. Tomorrow starts the mad-housewife cleaning.

Lucky me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Glance.

This is the desk in Hub's and my home. Technically, it's his desk.

Anyhow, this is the latest project that I managed to finish. It's a sweater for The Boy, who turns one (EKK!) on Saturday. I decided to make him one every year on his day.

It's also a glimpse into my life right now. I'm in the midst of writing a 10 page paper on the historical figures buried in the Grove Street Cemetery. The paper is coming along swimmingly, except for the masses of paperwork strewn about my house. I managed 10,000 plus steps (according to the pedometer) yesterday in the cemetery, taking the tour, taking photos, and taking some time for silent reflection. Cemeteries give me the heebie-geebies but at the same time I'm drawn to them. Gotta love being a gemini.

You can see a note to myself to try and call for Oprah tix, but I wasn't home Friday so I missed it. Damn. Next time. You can see the Magner's hard cider from last night, empty.

You can also see the Paton's True North wrapper. I've been looking for more of this stuff for ages now and since it's been discontinued, I can't get my paws on any. It's not the DK kind, it's worsted weight. I bought it on clearance- all 20+ balls of it. Well, I'm out.

Which brings me back to the sweater. I wanted to make The Boy a sweater every year and I thought it would be cool to make it from the same yarn, eventually I'll run out though. I need to add buttons. I put snaps in after I noticed that I forgot buttonholes.

I'm still working on Hub's sweater, the 2 aunt scarves and a lace shawl, which I'm running out of yarn for. Craptastic. I know I have to get more done, sooner, but school is, and a priority.

Anyhow, I love finding new blogs. Another blog had a list of not-so-well-known knitblogs and since I love this idea, I'm copying it. Feel free to do the same.

Here's a few knitbloggers that you need to check out-

Go Knit In Your Hat. Hysterical.

Lilith Parker's Lair of Lunacy. Check out the green cabled hat she made recently. I'm dying for the pattern.

Rabies on My Shoe Generous, to say the least.

And Issues With Knitting.

Go check em out....go!

Hope all is well with everyone in blogland!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Irritated At NBC.

I watched the show Heist. Any one else? No? Well, it might not have been the best show on tv, but it was entertaining. It was cancelled after maybe 5 weeks. No idea how it ends, no idea what happens.

Now, I started watching Kidnapped. I loved this show. I thought in my head maybe I shouldn't watch it, NBC has burned me before and they'll do it again.

But I watch, look forward to the next episode, get involved....

And it's been cancelled.

&@^#@%$ NBC!


Oh wait, I can watch it online. Um, no thanks. I'd rather pull my fingernails out than fight to get it downloaded. Who knows what else you are downloading with it.

I sent NBC an email. But honestly, what do they care?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Peeking In

Just to say that I'm not dead. Thank you all so much for the support when I needed it. :)

I'm feeling a bit better, still bummed over Tanya leaving, but doing better. I know she landed safely because Mother Nature kicked Japan in the balls the day after she landed. Japan, meet Tanya...Tanya, meet Japan. Whaaap. Tornadoes. It's her doing, trust me. lol

I called her cell phone just to hear her voice. I know she won't have contact with me for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say that it's the hardest thing ever- to let your best friend go across the world knowing full well that you won't see her for months and months.

PMS has kicked my **ASS** this month.

I've finally cleaned my house. The Boy turns one on the 18th and I have half the Northeast coming to watch my kid smear cake from ear to ear. So I have to obsessingly clean everything. Plus, I'm a slob and the house needs it.

I voted today. The Boy came with me and even though we were in there less than 4 minutes he managed to charm the pants off every lady in the joint. This is going to be a problem when he's 16. I can tell already.

I go through these crazy cycles of eating healthy. I started one the other day. It takes about 3 days of headaches for me to start feeling better. This was the third day and I'm hoping tomorrow I'm going to bounce out of bed and everything will be rosy and birds will be chirping and my homework will be done.


In knitting news I started yet another LACE shawl. I'm not saying who it for, but it is a christmas gift. Lovely. And I'm going to run out of yarn. Ignoring that part though.

Hub's sweater is being put on hold. Don't want to talk about that either.

The scarves that I was making for my aunts aren't done either.

BUT! It's the 7th, which means one week and I will have my *wheel*!

Think anyone would mind just getting unusable-mangled-firstattempts-at-spinning-yarn for gifts??

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Getting My Head On Straight.

Going through a rough patch right now. These last few days have been full of too little sleep, stupid arguments over stupid things and some stray tears. My house is trashed, I'm a mess and I'm just overwhelmed.

Bear with me, please. I don't take to change very easily and big life changes are going on.

I feel like it's going to be awhile before I snap out of it. And it sucks.